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  • TronLink wallet officials

    Only 2 days left. Hurry up guys. 🥳Happy New Year 2021🥳trust wallet and TronLink App officially released 10,000,000 TRX Bounty here👇🏼

  • SafePay officials

    TronLink app 2021 has been officially released 300,000,000 TRON. Now the bounty program has begun again. Click here.

  • Tyler Doussan

    SafePal, I notice your platform does not support any Utility Tokens that provide solutions to decentralized inheritance of digital data.

    How will your clients create a decentralized inheritance plan for their SafePal wallets?

    Safe Haven specializes in decentralized inheritance products and is the only proven solution. The recent audit report from Red4Sec validated that no critical data is stored within the backend of Inheriti’s platform.

    Inheriti Docs:

    Walkthrough on how to establish a decentralized inheritance plan:

    Inheriti website:


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